Hello, and welcome to my website.


I'm a guitarist, teacher, and composer in Toronto.  I'm a jazz and rock player, with interests covering fusion, blues, art/chamber music, roots music, pop, Indian, folk music from near and far, Americana, r&b, free playing.  I try to keep learning and growing as a musician, and to be open to new experiences.  With the website I'd also like to share transcriptions and ideas with students, other players and listeners.

"Keep on keeping on." Curtis Mayfield 

"There are only two things to remember.  Number one, don't stop, and number two, keep going." Frank Zappa

"Life has much more imagination than you or I."  Elizabeth May's mother's aunt Mary, as related in "Who We Are."


please also check out  www.ontopic-band.com  for video/audio and news about the trio.